Freight Solutions as a “Safety and Consulting” professionals handles the safety and compliance procedures for Transnet Freight since 2006. Professionals at Freight Solutions make every effort possible to Hire, Train and Retain the best for Transnet. Be it regular updates in the industry, CSA 2010, latest news for drivers, we rely on Freight Solutions.

Transnet believes in SAFETY FIRST. Our commitment to safety ensures that all our drivers arrive at their destination and back home safe.

Only the most highly-qualified, dedicated, professional drivers are entrusted to deliver your products. These drivers receive ongoing training and testing (both on and off road) in company procedures, customer expectations and statutory requirements.

We hire only the most highly qualified, dedicated professional drivers who meet stringent safety standards. We've set very tough standards to ensure we get the very best applicants.

All Transnet drivers must complete minimum requirements such as on the road evaluation, defensive driving, load security, axle weight trainings, pre-trip programs and some written procedures for hours of service in classroom before they handle your product. Our team of full time trainers also makes sure our drivers receive ongoing and extensive training and testing both on and off the road in company procedures, customer requirements, and statutory regulations.

For more information on what it takes to be a Transnet Driver, email your information at or at

We have also incorporated an Incentive Program which allows individuals to work at their own pace while earning some extra bonus through better performances both on and off the road.


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